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The BUYER agrees not to: (I) Use the NATULIFE Websites for illegal purposes, in violation of applicable laws and regulations, any provision of any national stock market or of any other type, and any regulation that has force Of law; (II) Publish web pages that contain links that initiate downloads of material in frank infringement of intellectual property or that is illegal; (III) Harass or electronically harass another person; (IV) Participate in any Internet activity that violates the privacy rights of other people, including without limitation, collecting and distributing information about Internet buyers without their authorization, except as permitted by law; (V) Conduct raffles, sweepstakes or online contests that violate applicable laws.


As an additional condition for the use and access to the NATULIFE Websites, THE USER agrees not to: (I) publish, distribute or transmit any worm, virus, file or other harmful code, file or program through the sites NATULIFE website; (II) enter or introduce obscene information or mechanisms to capture or distort information, or hyperlinks, "links" or unauthorized advertising; (III) run any program that offers a service or resource to other people, including without limitation, port forwarding or proxy servers; (IV) interfere with, affect or harm in any way the NATULIFE websites or the servers or networks connected to said sites; (V) run programs or specially configure computers in such a way that they maintain an active dial-up connection even when it is not used or otherwise circumvent the automatic disconnection due to inactivity, unless a dedicated access account is provided; (VI) use the websites of in violation of the provisions of any other website provider, in said websites, chat rooms or similar elements; (VII) use the NATULIFE websites to access other people's accounts without their authorization; (VIII) try to violate the security measures of NATULIFE or another entity, obtain or evade the passwords of other people; (IX) participate in denial of service attacks, that is, in actions designed to affect access to the network by bombarding a site or any Internet network with useless traffic.


The NATULIFE Websites are designed for use by individuals who are at least 18 years of age or older. USERS under 18 years of age must enlist the help of their parents or guardians to use the Website.


By using the websites of NATULIFE its affiliates and / or subsidiaries, you expressly agree that use of the NATULIFE websites is at your own risk. The NATULIFE websites are offered as is and as available. NATULIFE does not guarantee that the use of the NATULIFE websites will be free from interruptions or inadvertent errors.

NATULIFE will not be liable under any circumstances for direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages caused by the misuse or inability of the USER of the NATULIFE websites. This paragraph will apply to all content, product and service offered through any of the NATULIFE websites and that is not attributable, that is not under the control or that it has not been possible to prevent or avoid by NATULIFE.

NATULIFE in no case guarantees the veracity and quality of the products, services, information or any other type of material that is acquired or obtained through the NATULIFE websites, in the same way NATULIFE does not guarantee that the products acquired will comply or must meet the expectations of the USER


The USER will refrain from:

  • Collect data for advertising purposes and to send advertising of any kind and communications for sale or other commercial purposes without your prior request and consent; < / li>
  • Send any other unsolicited or previously consented messages to a plurality of people;
  • Send chains of electronic messages not requested or previously consented
  • Use distribution lists that can be accessed to carry out the activities indicated in sections (i) to (iii) above;
  • Make available to third parties, for any purpose, data collected from distribution lists.

Users or third parties harmed by the receipt of unsolicited messages addressed to a plurality of people may communicate it aw by sending a message to the following email address:


NATULIFE and its affiliates exercise their intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law. In case of questions about the previously expressed legal notices, you can contact Natulife's Legal Department.

NATULIFE's address is located at Burgos # 607 col San Juan Bosco, León Gto. CP. 37330. Notifications will be valid at the addresses established by NATULIFE, and will be presumed received no later than five business days from the date of receipt in the notification acknowledgment. p>


These Terms and Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States of Mexico, without reference to its provisions regarding conflicts of law. Any and all controversy about the validity or interpretation of these Terms of Use or its compliance, will be resolved exclusively by a competent court located in the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, which will constitute the sole seat for any controversy. If any part of these Terms of Use becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, that part will be separated and will not affect the validity and compliance of the remaining provisions. NATULIFE may modify these Terms of Use at any time by updating, notifying and accepting the USER of the new terms and conditions. THE USER must accept said modifications to continue using NATULIFE's services.