Terms of service

This Contract establishes the terms and conditions of Distribución Integronatural, S.A. de CV, hereinafter identified under the commercial name of NATULIFE that regulate the access and use of the website http://www.natulife.com.mx hereinafter, the “SITE”). NATULIFE's address is Burgos # 607 col San Juan Bosco, León Gto. 37330, any notification in relation to these terms and conditions should be sent to the email: cliente.dinsa@gmail.com

Any person who makes use of THE SITE or the services provided by NATULIFE must abide by these terms and conditions together with the other policies established by NATULIFE. Hereinafter will refer to any person who in his own name or on behalf of a legal person uses the SITE as the "USER".


Any person who does not fully and completely accept the Terms and Conditions set forth herein, must refrain from accessing, using and observing the SITE and in the event that they access, use and observe the SITE will be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions established here.

Any modification to this document will be understood to have been made when NATULIFE deems it appropriate, being the sole responsibility of the USER to ensure that they are aware of such modifications.

By using the SITE, any person declares under protest of telling the truth, that they are of legal age and that they have the legal capacity to carry out the activities contained in the SITE, as well as that all the information and documentation that they have provided and / or provided in relation to any activity that is promoted on the SITE, is true, complete and correct, being, therefore, obliged to indemnify and remove NATULIFE in peace and safety from any damage, prejudice, claim and / or action caused by said omission or falsehood.



The address where the products will be delivered will be the one entered into the system by the USER at the time of purchase. If there is an address error in the system, it cannot be guaranteed that it can be corrected. If there is an error in the address indicated, or if it is inaccessible and the order cannot be delivered, it will be considered as a "Failed Delivery" and the customer service team will send an email notifying the recipient. In the case of perishable products, they must be destroyed and the USER will not be able to exercise his right of withdrawal or any similar type of right that could correspond to him.

NATULIFE reserves the right to make an additional charge for the delivery of the products in the event of a "Failed Delivery" attributable to the USER.

All delivery times are estimates, so NATULIFE will do its best to ensure that the delivery is made on time, but is not responsible for any deviation from the estimated delivery date and time.


If your address is in the extended zone (defined by FedEx based on your zip code), the cost of shipping to your address will be higher than the one normally marked on our page and its promotions and will be specified at the time to finish the order.

NATULIFE does not define the extended area of ​​the Mexican Republic, as it is determined by the parcel company used for this service and mentioned in the previous paragraph.


In the event that your order is lost in the parcel, NATULIFE will be responsible for said omission and will contact the user to make a refund of the order amount, send the order in the way it was requested

The exception to this rule is in the event that the CUSTOMER decides to receive his order by some EXCEPTIONAL parcel or delivery, that is, using another service that we offer in a standard way. That is, if you decide that we send your order by another means, other than the service included in our platform, it will be at your own risk and we are not responsible from the moment we deliver the merchandise to said delivery service.


In the event that the USER wishes to cancel the purchase order, he must:

Send an email to customers.dinsa@gmail.com

  • The order must not be sent yet in order to comply with the cancellation, otherwise, the NATULIFE GUARANTEE must be applied.
  • In the event that the USER has requested the cancellation of the respective purchase order and the product has been delivered to the USER, the cancellation will not proceed. li >


We reserve the right to decide who may or may not be a distributor of our brand, that is, to market our products by our own means.

In that case, said activity must be carried out in accordance with the distribution regulations and company guidelines.

You cannot use our brand for any other purpose than the distribution of our products.

Distributing our products does not in any way generate any employment relationship with NATULIFE. NATULIFE only allows you to have a discount percentage on the price offered to the public, which will be specified on our platform.

Discount percentages are defined by a system of algorithms developed by NATULIFE and is subject to NATULIFE's discretion. The discounts granted may change from time to time at the sole discretion of NATULIFE and in no way will it be considered an acquired right.

The promotions given by NATULIFE to its distributors will always be for a limited time and may also be changed or modified without prior notice. If any distributor is not satisfied with the promotions, they do not have the obligation to use and / or apply them to make use of our page.


In case the product has not arrived in the agreed conditions, you can request a purchase code for the amount paid, or you can request an exchange for another product within the platform with a total value of the same price paid or less. If the USER does not receive the product, he / she may request a refund for the amount paid, and this will proceed within the following 30 calendar days.

If you are dissatisfied with a product, you can give feedback on the product through satisfaction surveys or product reviews. If you require an exchange or return, you must follow the steps for exchanges or returns.